Two brilliant Netherlanders, Willem & Linda called us en route to Cape Town to see if we had place for them that night. We did, obviously and it was such a pleasure having them to stay They arrived on one of those 35 to 40 degree days and spent the rest of the afternoon roasting themselves by the pool. They promised us they had covered themselves in sunblock and we made sure they had plenty of water and a beer or two

They had a wonderful time and wrote the most beautiful message in our guestbook: Heel hartelijk bedankt voor jullie gastrvrijheid en heerlijk onderkomen. Wat een paradijsje Bedankt voor het goede advies te gaan eten by de italiaan. Dat was ook heerlijk. Van alle lodges die we tot nu toe hebben gehad hebben we het gevoel bij jullie het meest tot rust te komen en we voelen ons erg op ons gemak. Roy, thanks voor het uitmundende ontbyt. Heerlijk Dank jullie wel, heel veel succes voor de toekoms. We hopen dat jullie de volgende keer nog weer een plaasje voor ons vry hebben. Tot Ziens! 17/03/2008\”.

Loosely translated, this means – Thank you very much for your hospitality and lovely accommodation. What a paradise For the good advice to have dinner at the Italian, we thank you, it was superb. Out of all the lodges we have been to so far, the feeling is that we have had the most restful time with you and we felt most at home. Roy, thank you for the excellent breakfast. Delicious Thank you all, wishing you much success for the future. We hope that for our next visit you will have a place for us. Til we see you again

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