Traveller’s Choice 2022

We are beyond grateful for everyone’s support. Thank you! We had a good summer season and a not so bad winter season after all. Obviously not the same as usual, but enough to keep us going. A HUGE thank you for that. So grateful for our truly wonderful team who knuckle down, work exceptionally hard and pull through with huge smiles and warm supportive hearts.

Speaking of fantastic staff…

Look at what happened for the 10th year in a row!  Best of the Best Traveller’s Choice 2022… This time #8 small stay in the world and #2 in Africa!

Gourmet Getaways

In May we tried something a little different for our first Gourmet Getaway and Thobi_Rose curated a Swellendam Experience with a divine group of people from Jo’burg. We organised flights with Lift and transport with MLT. We had a ball. They had a ball… and we’re so looking forward to another one like it next year. Some gorgeous pictures below and a lekker little vlog made by Thobi. Thank you Elana van Zyl Photography.

Swellendam Gourmet Getaways
Thobi & Friends

We’ve also just completed our last Gourmet Getaway for 2022. It was the most perfect Spring weather this weekend and what a STUNNING group of people. Think we’ll make next year’s one over the same time, but mix it up a bit. We’re thinking an interactive cooking experience with Jason and perhaps some new partners to expand the experience. What think you?

Schoone Oordt Country House Gourmet Breakfasts
Our 3-course Gourmet Breakfasts

Matric Farewells

Our eldest, Kai, matriculated at the end of 2021. Still find it hard to believe that we were pregnant with him when finding Schoone and he was 6 weeks old when we moved here. May 2023 will be 20yrs of Schoone Oordt! What a jounrey it has been.

We are so proud of Kai. His last 2 school years were not ideal with Covd, of course, but he worked so hard. He’s learning to fly with Heritage Aviation this year. Very close to solo, his PPL and hopefully will have reached Commercial Pilot’s Licence by this time next year. He has also been working as waiter and bar during season. He’s reserved, so those who have met him, know that it doesn’t come that easily, but he’s done such a great job! Makes his mama (& dadda) heart happy.

Kai Walker
Schoone Oordt 
Traveller's Choice 2022
Rich & Kai
Kai Walker
Schoone Oordt
Kai (photos by Duane Smith)

Schoone was also the venue for a good few matric farewell photos.

Aren’t these young people just gorgeous? We certainly did not look this glamorous in the 80’s.

Swellendam Hoerskool Matrics 2021
Swellendam Hoerskool Matrics of 2021 (photo by Magda van Zyl)
Swellendam Hoerskool Matrics 2021 at Schoone Oordt Country House
Schoone Oordt Country House Swellendam
Traveller's Choice 2022
Schoone Oordt Country House
Traveller's Choice 2022
Photos by Henk Venter

We are gearing up for season again and employing a few new faces to assist, so hopefully, we’ll be able to keep in touch a bit more. A HUGE thanks to those that enjoy our news and send lovely messages of encouragement. Fills our soul.

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