It has taken such a long time to put fresh news up on our diary page, I’m so sorry, but it’s been a very busy period filled with both exciting and sad happenings…

The most exciting and beautiful, of course, is the birth of our daughter. She was born on the 26th June after making us wait 8 days and a surprisingly long labour! Punctuality is probably not going to be one of her strong points – I feel sorry for future boyfriends. Although, according to her dad, she’s not allowed any of those until she’s 30! We have been closed for a bit to prepare for the birth and spend bonding time with baby afterwards, but in true Richard-style, we have also been building and have managed to fit the last two rooms, construct the double garage, what is going to be a small conference venue and 3 new bedrooms inside the main house (upstairs for our personal use). Of course all of the work isn’t finished yet, but should be in the next few weeks (fingers crossed). Will put pictures up when it is.

The sad news is that Roy has moved on to greener pastures. We wish him well and the best of luck. We do have a new manager starting with us beginning August and look forward to that. She has a great background, having worked at Phantom Forest and Leisure Isle Lodge. I’m sure she’ll be fantastic for Schoone Oordt and whip us all into shape.

One more bit of sad news… Those of you that have visited us before will remember our exceptionally friendly cat, Storm. She passed away about a week ago from old age and the house seems quite empty without her. Oscar and Chloe, the dogs, however, are going strong and they’ll probably be around for a while!

Looking forward to a great season coming up and promise to put news up a bit more frequently.

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