The Country Butcher in Swellendam

At Schoone Oordt we love to support our local Swellendam suppliers. Like many other towns in the Overberg, Swellendam boasts a variety of amazing shops providing top quality produce. The Country Butcher in Swellendam is just one of these many wonderful, small town treasures. Opening in April 2015 Schoone Oordt has supported them since day one and we can truly say that we receive excellent service and outstanding produce from The Country Butcher Swellendam.

Co-owner, Gwynedd, wanted to give the store an “anything-but-a-butcher” look and feel and she’s surely succeeded. It is a butchery with a deli-type atmosphere dressed in the finest attire with a modern and quirky interior, neat and pristine displays and the inviting aroma of coffee and freshly backed artisan bread in the air welcomes you on entry. The Country Butcher in Swellendam

The Country Butcher in SwellendamYes, not only do they supply superb meat products but they also bake scrumptious artisan ciabatta breads every morning causing somewhat of a traffic jam outside the shop as Swellendammers scramble to get their hands on one of these lovely loaves.

The Country Butcher in Swellendam

The Country Butcher in Swellendam
Sophia rolling out those lovely loaves
The Country Butcher in Swellendam
Loaves of the day lining up for the oven

The Country Butcher in SwellendamYou can also find other yummy baked goodies, quality preserves and a selection of spices in store.

…And then there are the eggs (one of our favourite products from The Country Butcher in Swellendam) – always fresh and from “happy hens” these eggs have quite a special story. Farmed and supplied by local farmer, Oom Pietie Uys, in partnership with one of his oldest and dearest workers on his farm just outside of Swellendam. They farm with “happy hens”, as they like to call them, since these ladies truly roam free, grazing and feeding off of pastures on the farm during the day – from there the phrase pastured eggs (yes, we also thought it meant sterilized eggs at first). This differs from free-range hens and eggs as free-range hens are generally kept in a somewhat more confined space and fed grains and pellets.

The Country Butcher in Swellendam

These gloriously organic eggs are in high demand especially at Schoone Oordt as we use them daily. Eggs are the star at our breakfast table whether they’re poached, scrambled, in a delicious omelette or (our favourite) served sunny side up – the best way to show off those fresh and gorgeously golden yolks. Our Chef Obie also loves to bake with these exquisite eggs and says that their freshness and perfect size always ensure the most scrumptious quiches, scones and other delightful bakes that we serve at Afternoon Tea.

The Country Butcher in Swellendam
Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs… The Country Butcher sells nearly 500 eggs per week.

Now, let’s not forget the meat!

The Country Butcher in Swellendam

Owner Jacobus’ passion for the butchery can be seen in the wide range of meat products – from a variety of cuts, interesting sorts of smoked meats to original processed meats and combinations all at a top standard.  And if there is a cut you can’t find on the shelves, just ask and he’ll jump right in behind the saw to do what he does best as a trained blockman. Together with his staff they have almost 80 years of experience in the butchery industry between them and it shows!

Chef Obie and Jacobus have established a great relationship through their love of top quality, flavoursome meat and ordering has become a quick and easy task for Chef. The speedy service from The Country Butcher means our meat is always delivered freshly hand cut, cleanly packaged and on time.

It wasn’t a tough choice for Chef Obie when asked what his favourite product from The Country Butcher is, for him their rib-eye steak stands out because of its rich flavour, beautiful texture and the lovely piece of fat on the cut which makes it great for pan searing and adds to the flavour. Served with simple, steamed broccoli and maize making the rib-eye the star of the meal. We also enjoy the pork tenderloin which can easily be served as a lighter meal with salad or as a delectable main meal for dinner.

The Country Butcher in Swellendam

It is often said that the people involved in a business is what makes it great and sets it apart and we tend to believe this is very true for The Country Butcher. The owners, Jacobus and Gwynned, are involved in every aspect of the business and if they aren’t out and about sourcing quality produce they can be found in the store which gives the store an authentic, small town feel but with products that can compete with any other butchery.

The Country Butcher in Swellendam

The Country Butcher in Swellendam

We most definitely recommend a visit to The Country Butcher on your next stay in Swellendam or even if you are only passing through, it’s well worth a stopover for delicious biltong for the road.

Thank you to Elana van Zyl Photography for the gorgeous pictures and to Bruce Geils of Flyinghorse Photography for the beautiful picture of Gwynnedd and Jacobus.



  • Hi there
    We have recently moved to Hermanus and are looking for great quality organic grass fed meat.
    Do you deliver to Hermanus / Stanford?
    Kind regards
    Denise vd Westhuizen
    082 880 2137

    • Hello Denise
      You’re in luck, the Country Butcher is just what you need. You’re very welcome to contact Jacobus or Gwynnedd on 028 514 1011. They’ll be sure to answer any queries you may have. Hermanus is about a 40 minute drive from Swellendam. Good Luck!
      With love from us

  • Hi there
    Do you pehaps deliver to George? I am looking for quality produce to supply to some of my shops already supplying to. Would I be able to get discount on large orders. Can you pls email me a pricelist

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