Swellendam Family Accommodation

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our new Family Suite, our new Swellendam family accommodation (which in true Schoone Oordt style was meant to be open in May, but finally opened in July!)  We’ve taken what was planned to be a small conference venue, but instead was an empty shell used to hang dry linen, and turned the space into a beautiful, sunny and spacious family room.Swellendam Family Accommodation

As per usual, or by now it’s become somewhat of a Schoone Oordt tradition really, Richard took on the renovation of the empty storage space together with our resident handymen (*names of two workers in pictures). From tiling, sanding of doors and ceilings and even building custom bunk beds for the new suite’s spare room – Richard and his team did it all and we couldn’t be prouder.
Construction…it’s never pretty.

As usual, Richard took on the renovation himself, together with our resident handymen/gardeners/car washers, Cuthbert and Charlie. From tiling, sanding of doors and ceilings and even building custom bunk beds for the new suite’s children’s room – Richard and his team did it all.


Swellendam Family Accommodation Swellendam Family Accommodation Swellendam Family Accommodation Swellendam Family Accommodation

Of course no Schoone Oordt renovation or construction would be complete without its perils.  Richard very nearly ran out of time and was busy with the last of the finishing touches on the first day that the room was booked. As Murphy’s Law would have it, it poured with rain, leaving Richard working out in the wet with Cuthbert & Charlie holding up umbrellas!  We had to take a picture for the chuckles that come after the stress had settled down.

Swellendam Family Accommodation
Richard in the rain busy with the finishing touches.

This family room is perfect for larger families, comfortably sleeping two adults and four children in the bunk beds, with loads of space for a cot (or two) in the main bedroom area for babies or toddlers.  We love the separate children’s room in this suite and can just imagine the laughs and delightful stories that’ll be shared between those bunk beds long after bedtime. During the day parents can watch over the children playing on our circular lawn from the room’s large terrace while enjoying afternoon tea or a snack.

Swellendam Family AccommodationOur goal with this room was to really make it really fit for a family with children by adding a few special touches like an additional, lower basin for our tiny guests, a separate room for the children and a spacious lounging area.

Swellendam Family Accommodation
How cute are these tiny gowns!

Swellendam Family Accommodation

There are so many family oriented activities and breath-taking places to see in and around Swellendam, it’s the perfect family getaway.  Spending quality time with family is so important and with this additional room we’re hoping to share countless precious family memories with you.

Swellendam Family Accommodation
The room is still fitted with all the luxury elements of our other rooms.
Swellendam Family Accommodation
The family room has a large private, patio area overlooking the circular lawn and conservatory.

Swellendam Family Accommodation

Swellendam Family Accommodation

Thanks as usual to Elana van Zyl for the pictures of the completed room!


  • It looks wonderful! It is now 4 years ago, that we had a wonderful stay in your house ans I really hope to come again soon.

    Greetings from Düsseldorf


  • We stayed at your lovely place before but the problem we found was that your fine dining did not suit young children.

    Do you then now also have some more children friendly meals?

    • Hello Christian
      I’m so sorry that we didn’t offer you specific child meals during your stay… in the past, we usually pre-made for children according to order.
      However, now we have a special, proper children’s menu with delightful handmade and homemade meals.
      We hope that you’ll come and try it out soon.
      Thank you for getting in touch and for your helpful feedback!
      With love,

  • Hi Alison
    We stayed with you in January this year. We chatted to Richard and asked him about the renovation that was going on and he told us it was family accommodation. Congratulations on a beautiful finish, it looks fabulous.
    Wish we were coming to see you again in 2018. We often talk about your lovely hotel and say how much we loved it. Our son is getting married in Aprill 2018. The wedding will be in Cyprus. That’s where our holiday savings will go next year unfortunately.
    You are always welcome to call on us (just 20 mins from Manchester Airport) when you visit Yorkshire.
    Terence and Mavis

    • Dearest Terence & Mavis
      YES! Of course we remember you… Richard spoke so highly of the two of you.
      Cyprus sounds wonderful and for such a happy event, we shall forgive you for not returning to South Africa next year. Hopefully, the next. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and wonderful invite to visit you.
      With much love from Alison

  • Hello Alison,
    You are probably not remembering us. We were staying at your beautiful estate in July 2016. We are family with two kids, Anna & William, living in Austria. You have made also a picnic basket for us.
    I would love to stay in your new family suite immediately, it is just not around the corner 🙂 Congratulations on your new contribution! I am happy to see you are doing well. It was a please to stay in your house. Once we come back to South Africa we will see you again!
    Best to you & your family, Anna & William & Uli & Iva

    • Yes, Iva, of course we remember you and your beautiful family.
      Thank you so much for your fantastic message, it is so lovely to hear from you all.
      We really do hope to visit with you again…
      Until then,
      Much love from all of us at Schoone Oordt

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