Building (from scratch) a small country hotel in Swellendam South Africa came with some challenges, a large one being, nobody really knew where Swellendam was.  It’s one of those underrated and extremely beautiful South African country towns with a huge amount of history, beautiful architecture, awesome adventure, wonderful warm people and only a two hour drive from Cape Town.  We’ve realised over the many years of passionately sharing Schoone Oordt Country House with guests, that from the start, we need to market Swellendam and the fabulous things to do before marketing our fabulous hotel.  And fabulous they both are.

Luckily, both ourselves and Swellendam Tourism work very well together and we have been putting huge efforts into spreading the ‘word’, online and in social media.  With this in mind, we assisted in putting together a small group of local travel bloggers on an adventure weekend of note!  Playfully ‘piggybacking’ the very successful #Stellenblog campaign in Stellenbosch, we instigated a ‘#Swellenblog’ 4-day event that showcased a myriad of ‘Things to Do in Swellendam South Africa’.

Here is Amanda Shackley, our Swellendam Tourism guru, Des Haakonsen from Travelground, Jon Meinking from ishotimages, Luke Bresler from a Gorgeous Life, Lisa Huang & Ovidiu Pacuraru from foodandchatterThaya Bedford from LoveOverberg, Linda Markovina from Moving Sushi and Andrea Weiss from SA Tourism enjoying our Afternoon Tea as part of their whirlwind tour of Swellendam.

Swellendam South Africa

Every day during our busy Summer months, we serve Afternoon Tea at Schoone Oordt to guests.  If you’re not staying with us, but would still like to visit, then please give us a call or drop us an email, we’d love to share with you.  Here is some of the deliciousness produced by our very talented Chef Wander and thank you, as always to Bruce ‘Flyinghorse’ Geils for the spectacular pictures!

These lovely people have written such wonderful things about Swellendam on their blogs, in their twitter & instagram feeds – if you’d like to follow, readup or simply oggle all there is to do in this part of South Africa, then google #Swellenblog.  You’ll be amazed.



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