Photography Workshop Swellendam

With its old Victorian charm and breathtaking landscapes surrounding the town, Swellendam is a photographer’s paradise making it the perfect setting for a Photography Workshop.  Add in the expertise of commercial photographer and respected photography lecturer Henk Venter and superb accommodation at Schoone Oordt and you’re bound to up your photography skills and create magical photographs in just one weekend.

Photography Workshop Swellendam
Breathtaking, the Langeberg Mountains photographed by Henk Venter. Henk’s love for the outdoors and his superior technical knowledge makes him a masterful landscape photographer.

Henk Venter hosts his basic DSLR Photography Workshop Swellendam bi-annually during May and August. During this five week course, Henk teaches the basic functions of your DSLR camera and introduces creative photography concepts to learners through practical briefs.

Photography Workshop Swellendam
Henk views his profession as a photographer first but says he has come to love teaching and lecturing very much.

Henk is adding a more creative workshop to his repertoire with a pinhole Photography Workshop Swellendam. This workshop will take place over the course of one weekend only and attendees can book their accommodation at Schoone Oordt at a special rate.  Please do enquire with us. Not only will you learn how to shoot with a pinhole camera but you will also build your own pinhole camera, develop your own photographs in the dark room and enjoy a wonderful weekend stay at Schoone Oordt. Let’s back up a bit though, what is a pinhole camera and what is pinhole photography all about you might ask.

Photography Workshop Swellendam
Swellendam is surrounded with vast green landscapes at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains – a treasure of endless photo opportunities.

Pinhole Cameras and Pinhole Photography might be lesser known to those of us with no photography background. Pinhole Photography is often used as an introductory tool to photography and optics. The pinhole camera is a camera in its most basic form usually consisting of no more than a lightproof tin or box with a very small opening, the pinhole, on one side (in olden days this hole was made with a pin but nowadays lasers have proven convenient to make it an even smaller opening) and a piece of light sensitive material (usually photo paper or film). The image is then developed in a dark room and a beautiful photograph is the end result. The beauty of pinhole photography lies in its simplicity and the break away from the technical nitty-gritty of digital photography.

Photography Workshop Swellendam
An example of a photograph taken with a pinhole camera, this photograph is thanks to Jo’o Gomes.


Henk also offers one-on-one photography lessons/workshops to enthusiasts and experts alike. His technical knowledge and knowledge of both film and digital photography is rare. For more information about his workshops and his work visit his website: or Facebook page: Seventhphoto Photographic services.

What better town is there to experience creative freedom than in Swellendam. Why not make it an entire escape to a forgotten era and leave all technology at home, indulge in Schoone Oordt’s tranquility and discover photography in an exciting new way….

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