Mark & Katja got back from their mini-moon yesterday and forwarded stunning wedding pictures to us. It was so difficult to choose only two, but here they are!

Katja also dropped me an email with these words…
‘I cannot thank all of you enough for the venue, the effort, the cooking, the flexibility and the fun. It was a really wonderful weekend. I was so relaxed, everything got into place and you all really made sure that it was a wonderful celebration. We feel that really everything worked out extremely well and I cannot express how enthralled I am with the venue choice Mark and I have made. Words can actually not express how I felt the next day, seeing that really every person had enjoyed themselves so much; they were so stunned by your venue, the beauty, the attention to detail. It added so much ‘class’ to our wedding.

I could go on and on … thank you so much. We will definitely be back.’

WOW! Thank you, Katja and Mark. It was such an honour to be part of your beautiful day filled with such love and we hope to see you for your first anniversary!

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