This post is going to look the prettiest yet!  Firstly, because our Bruce ‘Flyinghorse’ Geils takes the most spectacular pictures, but also because I’ve finally worked out how to get the pictures the same size within this new ‘blog’ thing.  Slowly, but surely, we get the hang of this…  I always seem to start an entry with an apology.  I seem to do the same with our newsletters!  Honestly though, time runs away far too fast and there is so much to say and so many lovely guests to take care of, so once again, apologies for the delay in telling you all about this very special rainy October country wedding…

Kevin & Lizelle's Country Wedding at Schoone Oordt in Swellendam

Lizelle & Kevin are a dream couple.  They are gorgeous, uncomplicated, easy-going and we clicked with them immediately.  They absolutely LOVED Wander’s food especially his homemade chocolate ice-cream.  So much so, that Kevin ate it for breakfast more than once.  Their wedding was HUGELY blessed by the relentless rain.  Lizelle & Kevin galoshed (is that a word?) their way through their ceremony which was held at the most spectacular property close to Swellendam called ‘GodsWindow’.  Lizelle had visited the farm there as a little girl and had kept it in her heart for her ideal Swellendam country wedding.

Kevin & Lizelle's rainy country wedding in Swellendam

Their reception was held in our light and airy conservatory which looked so beautiful.  We loved the ‘Candy Bar’ with sweets made themselves, we loved the white balls and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and we loved the pure colours, succulents with soft roses, but most of all, we loved spending this glorious day with a truly lovely couple.  Thank you to Lizell & Kevin for choosing to share it with us!

Kevin & Lizelle in Schoone Oordt's Conservatory in Swellendam

Candy Bar at Schoone Oordt Country House in SwellendamKevin & Lizelle's candy bar at Schoone Oordt in Swellendam

And then there was the food…

Phyllo cones with roasted aubergine & pistachios in 'broekie' lace

Phyllo cones with roasted aubergine & pistachio in ‘broekie’ lace

Malay spiced prawns with garlic lemon aioli Panfried salmon, creamed leeks & organic tomato

Malay spiced prawns with garlic lemon aioli canapé and panfried salmon, creamed leeks and an organic tomato salad as a main

Oh gosh, so many beautiful photos…  here are just a few more for prettiness..

Lizelle's bouquet at the Honeymoon Suite at Schoone OordtEarrings in plants outside Honeymoon Suite at Schoone OordtOur oak trees at Schoone Oordt Country House

Schoone Oordt Umbrellas


  • Oh, how very lovely. If I ever go insane and decide to become an honest woman, then I hope it would be here. Thank-you to Lizelle & Kevin for sharing your beautiful day.
    And if “galoshed” isn’t a word, then it darn well should be.

    • Aaah, thank you so much for your kind comments girls! We agree, Vanessa, lots of rain means lots of blessings, we’re officially voting to enter ‘galoshed’ into the dictionary Jennie and Kim, we hope to see you VERY soon!

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