Well, we’ve had a super busy season, our best so far, which is why the diary pages have been so quiet. Thank you to all of our wonderful guests for making that happen and a very big thank you to all of those whom have returned and sent friends and family!

We’ve also been VERY anxiously awaiting Julie & Matt’s wedding pictures… Aren’t they beautiful? They were taken by Jules Morgan. Those of you that remember our family picture that’s displayed in the conservatory – same photographer – have a look at her site… www.julesmorganweddings.com

Julie & Matt got married on the 3rd January this year under a white canopy on our lush green grass. I say, lush, because we spent weeks before the wedding tending to it daily! It became my pet project. They invited 20 of their closest friends and family to spend the day and evening with them here. All of the guests kicked their shoes off to merrily feast out of country-style picnic baskets sitting on beautifully crafted quilts made by Julie’s mom. Actually Oscar, our dog, joined them quite happily and found a quilt all of his own… It was an exquisite wedding, one I will always remember and I can honestly say that Julie & Matt have become fast friends.

They had these amazing words to say about us…

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