Ad and Lynn were very kindly referred to us by Jonine from Mardouw a beautiful country house about 20mins out of Swellendam. They were unfortunately (though fortunately for us) fully-booked so Ad and Lynn came to stay with us for 2 nights.

We had to pressure them a little to have Roys famous fluffy salmon omelettes for breakfast as they quite strongly stipulated that they only eat toast. Well the second morning we had piles of various flavours of toast ready and waiting…and Ad very sheepishly asked for a second famous fluffy salmon omelette…Roy dashed into the kitchen to prepare one immediately and with aplomb. Ad used the rest of the chives to create the thank you that you see in the picture after hed virtually licked his plate clean of course.

We had such a good laugh with them lovely lovely people and hope to see them again soon They had this to say in our visitors book…

Serendipity We came by accident (and recommendation) and loved it. The honeymoon suite was unexpected (after 25 years together) and much enjoyed. Im sure we will be back. All good wishes.

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