I am terribly behind on my diary pages and such a lot has been happening at Schoone Oordt lately – very exciting things, but I must begin at the beginning!

We had the most amazing kuier (visit) weekend with Aleit and Karla a little while ago. They are two of the very best wedding co-ordinators in Cape Town and they came to suss out our venue, have a look at the conservatory and let us know if they thought we could have beautiful weddings here. We ate delicious food, drank a little too much red wine and laughed… a lot! Of course, they thought our venue was gorgeous and perfect for an intimate wedding and we really do hope to work with them soon.

What stunning people and such talent. If I was planning a wedding (although renewal of vows is probably more on the cards for me), I would be calling them in a hurry! Have a look at their web-sites for inspiration…

Aleit from Aleit Weddings www.aleit.co.za
Karla Oettler from Absolute Weddings www.absolutewe.co.za

I look absolutely awful in the picture with Aleit and Madri, his exceptionally beautiful wife, but then Im not terribly photogenic at the best of times. The 2nd picture is of Roy and Karla having a good old chinwag on the driveway…

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