The 1st April was an important day for us. We opened two new rooms to accommodate a lovely booking from the Shane Thomson Cycling Team (Fullimput 1387) for the Cape Epic. Just in time for the end of season, granted, but at least they’re open and habitable now! This brings us to a 7 bedroom guesthouse. We’re hoping to have the final 2 rooms fitted (they’re already built) by September of this year.

The guys were great – just real, down to earth people and lovely to have around! There were all sorts of interesting things going on through the day – ice baths and massages and lots of water, pasta and toasted sandwiches being consumed (Davey came to sit with us in the kitchen whilst we cooked and chatted away…) and Sydney and Darren cleaning and fixing bikes all afternoon in the driveway. There was such a fantastic sense of anticipation and an exciting vibe in the air, not only with us, but all the way through the town. We definitely hope to see them all again next year.

The top pic is our 5am breakfast call. Roy and I were up at 3:30 to prep (quite an experience) and the second pic is sending them off at 6:30 – am, of course.

Check out for all the race info. It’s a biggie, with the guys travelling the distance of the Argus Cycle Tour every single day for 6 days, but mountain biking! Personally, I think it’s madness!


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